Is it an island or a continent? Australia is both with an extreme diversity of reasons to visit. You name it, it’s probably there. Starting with nature, we have red desert, coral reefs, snow-clad mountains, wetlands, wine lands, national parks and much more.

Then there are the cities, each with its own individual character.  And bear in mind, Australia was once a penal colony – perhaps the convicts gave the Aussies their unique humour! Indigenous wildlife? Kangaroos, koalas, kookaburras abound. And every major city has its excellent selection of art galleries and museums. So nature plus culture plus urban attractions equal Australia. Plus, plus, plus…

Sydney is the oldest, largest and most diverse city in a fantastic harbour setting. A ferry ride from here can take you to small coves, beaches and interesting suburbs and at the same time, provide you with amazing views of places like the legendary Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Melbourne, Sydney’s “rival” is a sophisticated metropolis. Its unique character includes its streetcars and colourful neighbourhoods such as Fitzroy and St. Kilda. A side trip to Phillip Island and its Penguin activity will certainly entertain you.

Adelaide, an easy going city, is a wonderful centre to visit the Barossa Valley wine district and Kangaroo Island with its abundance of wildlife. 

Canberra, the serene unhurried capital, offers sights such as the moving War Memorial and the traditionally designed Parliament Building.

Perth, although off the beaten track, is a beautiful city with beaches, gardens and a good zoo and botanical garden.

Darwin is handy for a visit to Kakadu, Australia’s largest national park with its crocodiles and unique birdlife. Try a short boat cruise there to see it all.

The Great Barrier Reef, 2300 kilometres/1400 miles in length with a colourful underwater kingdom has 1500 species of tropical fish alone. Ideal centres to see this phenomenon are Cairns, Port Douglas, Townsville and The Whitsundays (a group of 74 islands). Other major centres such as Tasmania, Alice Springs, Brisbane and Ayers Rock are just a few more must visit places. And even after these, you will have just scratched the surface.

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